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If you are interested in Body Code sessions, I am doing Body Code sessions for Patreon members.  

The Patreon group is a support system to help me publish my articles & books, provide Boby Code sessions for Patreons, and continue my education. 


In  Patreon, tiers run from $3 to $130.   All tiers will receive Emotion Code and Body Code session opportunities.  The frequency of opportunities depends on the Tier. 

The Body Code sessions are my THANK YOU for your Patreon support. I will put out a monthly post asking if you would like to receive a session. You will need to respond to the post to get on the monthly Body Code list.


Everything will be done by email. 

Those individuals who signed up for the $45 and $130 tiers will receive more sessions and Heart Wall Clearings. You can also donate your session to another Patreon member who may need it but can't afford a higher tier. 

I'm trying to keep my costs down so that Body Code sessions remain affordable. 


I'm also continuing my education.  I've finished my CRV (controlled remote viewing) training and now continue with advanced studies in that area.  

I am beginning the journey in Medical intuitive studies. My goal is to combine my CRV skills with my Medical Intuitive skills.  Of course, my Reiki, aura reading, and many other energy techniques go with that. 


Bobbi Lynn Gibson is not medically trained. She is NOT a Medical Doctor.  She has trained with intuitive techniques that can support you but NOT replace medical care.  

It is assumed that you understand this, and by signing up for a session, you consent to that session. 

Bobbi makes NO claims as to healing or recovery from any illness you may have now, nor the prevention of any illness you may have in the future. 


If you have health concerns,  seek advice from an appropriate medical practitioner before making any decisions about your health. Any information offered by Bobbi Gibson is a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.

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