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You've just received your Autism Diagnosis

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Do you feel relief or more confused? Here’s some guidance on what to do next.

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Decision Time.

  • Do I go on as I always have or make some needed changes?

When I received my Autism diagnosis, several things happened. I felt a huge relief, an understanding of why life is the way it is and empowered.

  • Don’t get lost in a downward spiral.

I wished someone had warned me about the huge change ahead. I was clueless, like a puppy preoccupied with a treat while being vaccinated. I was truly struggling. Change needed to happen. Being an adult doesn’t always mean Autism gets easier. Your just more aware of the struggles and are better able to seek resources.


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  • What lead you to get a diagnosis?

  • Are you searching for support, advice, and strategies?

I felt lost in an endless sea reaching out for someone to save me. No one was throwing the life vest. Lots of people around but no one was listening.

I was turning to the wrong people for support. I needed to be around people who understood me. Like all good things, change takes time.


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Do You Want to Feel Heard and Understood:

Through trial and error, I’ve come across a few supportive things. What works for one person may not be a good fit for another. I can only share what has been the most supportive for me. If you have supports to add to this list, please leave that information in the comments so others can benefit.


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Helpful Resources--The Short List:

Cognitive Behavioral Support (CBT) methods--Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks. (Affiliate Link)

I was able to participate in an online therapy program called Vida. Here is the link to Vida.

Theresa Reagan is a Neuro Psychologist who specializes in Autism in Adults and across the life span. Theresa Reagan’s Website:

She also has an excellent book called: Understanding Autism in Adults and Aging Adults. This is an affiliate link.

Sarah Hendrix is a psychologist who specializes in Autism and is Autistic herself. This is my affiliate link for Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age. I find her YouTube Videos here.

Autism Career Pathways Is my ALL TIME favorite resource right now. I’m in the process of changing careers and joined their course. I love it so far. They do Instagram Lives too. This is lead by Autistic Adults. They are hiring Autistic Adults to teach classes on Entrepreneurship. I love it.

They also post an Autism Discussion Group with Jersey Noah if you would like to view or join the group. Register for the roundtable here.


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Identify which areas you struggle with and add what you feel needs to be on the list.

  1. Understanding our own emotions.

  2. Understandable communication with others. Not getting everything mixed up.

  3. Making friendships

  4. Speech - Do you feel you need Text-to-speech apps for full-time or occasional support?

  5. Struggles with Doctor Appointments

  6. Career and keeping a job

  7. Executive Function Struggles

  8. Detail Oriented can be Too much detail that inhibits rather than helps.

  9. Routines (Lack of and also too much focus on)

  10. Hyper Sensory Sensitivity (Lack of or Overwhelm from)

  11. Clothing can make or break your day. What clothes work best for you.

  12. Food. Picky eaters and health concerns (Poor Health increases the struggle)

  13. Relationships - Not getting abused, used, and boundaries crossed

  14. Dealing with the Stigma of Autism

  15. Anxiety

Analyzing yourself takes time and adjustment. Start with one or two of your most outstanding issues and begin a plan of action. I find I get more help from books and self-help articles than I did trying counseling sessions. So I research possible solutions to my struggles and give things a try to see how they work. I adjust as needed.

Remember, failed expectations cause us emotional stress. It’s essential to be your own advocate and educate others. Show don’t tell is my rule. Always be gentle as you guide others.

If you found these resources helpful, there is far more. Please sign up for the updates on my course: Autism Strategies - Helpful Strategies for Autistic Adults to Help Balance and Manage Life Better. I will send an email out when the class is ready for enrollment. Please email me if you are interested. E-MAIL:

Remember the Gem you are,

Bobbi Lynn Gibson

Wonder, Explore, Experience!










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