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The Cost of Alternative Therapies Is Too High, Do This Instead

Become your practitioner. I did!

As I scanned the prices of energy healing practitioners, shock and defeat overcame me.

“This is more than a visit to the medical doctor,” I told myself.

“I can’t afford the prices.” I glanced at the brochure again. Costs run from $120 to $500 per session.

Woman sitting at a table counting cash in her hand.
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At the bottom of the brochure was the cost of training to become a practitioner.

“Hmm, Expensive,” I thought, “but eventually, it will pay for itself.”

I learned and eventually became certified as a Reiki Master-teacher, Emotion Code practitioner, and Body Code Practitioner.

There is a lot out there to explore regarding Alternative Therapies.

I’ve been on many journeys. One training leads to another and another. I will continue my learning path until the day I die.

I’ve been certified in so many therapies and use them according to my needs:

  • Massage therapy

  • Hypnotherapy

  • crystal healing

  • aura reading

  • reflexology

  • Mediumship

I began a path studying integrative medicine, which focuses on combining the alternatives with medical care—basically a Naturopathic focus. My goal was to achieve a Ph.D. in integrative medicine. I failed!

I burned out along my journey and couldn’t finish. I burned out so badly that I had to drop out of my studies and out of life except for the basics. I focused on what I needed to do to keep my day-to-day going.

I realized I didn’t need the Ph.D., and I didn’t even need all the certifications. If I’m interested in learning, I learn for my personal needs and don’t have to be certified in everything.

Read my articles: How Do You Heal Naturally and Create A Personal Healing Space.

Woman at her graduation with cap, gown, and graduation certificate.
Photo by Felipe Gregate on Unsplash

There are a lot of Alternative Healing Methods.

You don’t have to become a certified practitioner in everything, and you can learn the basics to support yourself.

I focus on food as medicine, mindfulness, breathing techniques, nature, sound healing, Qi Gong, and how I can serve others.

I study and apply what I learn in my life. I no longer go for the certification program if there are other ways to learn the information.

Healing does not mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives. — Dialy Dose

A stack of books on a table with a notebook and pen beside it.
Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Find those practitioners who offer several tiers of support

I have found a few practitioners who offer several price tiers:

  • a monthly free event

  • an affordable service ($25 to $97 range)

  • and the more pricey service ($100-$1,000 range)

I am grateful for the tiers, and it allows me to have a choice and some access to alternative methods. Here are a few I use:

  • Janet Nohavec on Instagram— In her Instagram bio, you will find many resources for affordable courses, and on her YouTube channel, you will find many free resources. Her primary focus is mediumship and healing.

  • Ben Carroll on Instagram — Is a gifted singer and sound healer. He provides Free online events and $25 events, and he will do groups or personal sessions for a higher price range.

  • Paul Selig on YouTube — Wow! There is a lot to be learned here if you are open to it. He provides free resources on his YouTube and affordable opportunities for learning online. His in-person events are more than I can afford, but I hear they are worth it. I learn about peace and acceptance through his stuff. It has taken me to a whole new level I didn’t know was there before.

  • Viviane Chauvet on YouTube — I joined her Patreon online community, and it has proved worthwhile so far. She provides free learning on her YouTube channel, does a free monthly event, has tiers of services for her Patreon members, and has a broad service choice on her website. Her stuff is mostly meditations, and I find them to be outstanding.

If you have found an alternative healing practitioner you like, sign up for their newsletter and stay connected. They most likely offer free resources, pricing tiers, and affordable opportunities.

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High costs for alternative therapies are why I became a practitioner myself, and it seemed it was cheaper to learn how to do healing on myself.

There are so many healing modalities it gets very confusing. Be open and receptive but also have boundaries and discernment.

I stay away from practitioners whose main objective is to sell a product. I try to find those who are more interested in being of genuine service to others. They typically have a tier of services that includes free opportunities.

I’ve found simple mindfulness techniques, Reiki, The Emotion & Body Code, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, food as medicine, and a spiritual lifestyle focused on service work best for me. It helps keep me balanced and calm in a world focused on fear and chaos.

Find healing modalities you like and that support you. Please keep in contact with the practitioner by signing up for their newsletter. They will have free and affordable options.

Surround yourself with peaceful people who focus on service, kindness, living healthy, and seeing the light and goodness in others.


If you are interested in natural healing techniques, gardening, crafting, Autism strategies, and nature, you have come to the right place.

Let’s keep in touch. Sign up for my newsletter.

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