Marketing Yourself When You Have Autism

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Marketing Yourself Differently:

In the past, I believed a person marketed themselves through Facebook and twitter. But today I am deciding to go in a different direction. I love and I’m going with the ideas shared by Seth Godin that marketing yourself is about being a caring generous person. Someone who tries to solve problems and share those solutions with others. Someone who lifts a hand or a smile towards others. It’s about living and keeping your values. It’s about making and keeping your promises. Not only are you striving to lift your best life and be a good example of positive change but you are also marketing yourself in a way that gets referrals. This idea of marketing feels good to me and promotes so much good. I’m excited to live this type of marketing method with truth and honesty. I’m looking forward to seeing what results follow. I know that I and anyone else living this way will feel great about themselves. 

I no longer will focus on how many Facebook likes I have, how many reviews I have, or how many people follow me on twitter. Instead I am putting my focus on being a caring person and that any task I’m working on absolutely matters. I will bring my best self to the task and to my work! I’m in need of change. I’ve been sloppy with my appearance. I want to change that. I’ve become sloppy because of my sensory issues. I need loose and light clothing to function at my best. But I can put more care into my appearance. I promise myself that I will dress and act the role I am in throughout the day. I will dress comfortably but professional with clean and tidy clothing. I will dress in clothes that are modest and appropriate for the work I am doing. I will dress and act my best self. 

It’s Important to Keep Your Promises.

When we are ill and disabled and not realizing our limits or strengths, we may find ourselves breaking promises. I am one of those people. Signing up for more than I can handle because I feel I have to. Then having to let people down when I need to drop my workload due to illness and fatigue. Realizing more of my limitations and strengths, I will focus on what promises I know I can keep and stick to those. My Promise as a writer is: I ask questions, look for problems, and explore solutions to those problems. I share my research through my writing in hopes that my research may be a benefit not only to myself but others also. As a human, I promise to be kind, uplifting, and respectful to others. If I accept a responsibility, I promise to see it through to the best of my ability. I promise to see the highest good in others and strive to be the best person I can.

Networking is important! Get to know people! Be Kind! Be Helpful!

Since my greatest struggle is communication and working with people, how do I network? I can find my voice through writing, service, and artwork that is uplifting, kind, and helpful. I can show people how I communicate through writing and know they will work with me and my struggles. I can be a good listener, kind, and helpful. Hopefully this will do.

Marketing Is About Making a Change Happen! Be that Change!

When you make a change in yourself, you make a change in the world. Reach out and touch someone with your change. If that person is touched and benefited by your change they will refer you. Be a problem solver of the people you serve. Be generous! Be of service to others!

As a person with Autism I have unique struggles that need to be dealt with for me to function well. I realize that each person has their own unique struggles. Mine are sensory issues that keep me in specific clothing that help with temperature and texture sensitivity. I don’t buy clothes for looks but for comfort. That means I’m not the best dressed in the room but definitely comfortable. I have sensitivity to light and sound that creates a hardship for me when working. That means I’m the lady with sunglasses and earplugs while you are attempting to communicate with me. I have finally found IQbuds made by Nuheara with technology that work well for me and is accepted by the majority of people without question. They adapt to the sound of the room I’m in. If a loud sound happens unexpectedly, I can tap on the IQbuds and they will quiet the world for me. I have communication and socializing struggles that are hard to manage. How can I be a successful human, employee, and entrepreneur with the challenges I have…… My question is how do I market myself in a way that is appropriate and successful for me. I believe if I follow the guidelines above I can be successful.



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