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Making Changes: Wonder, Explore, Experience

My heart is craving freedom. Freedom from the usual way people live their lives. I have been wondering and exploring how for a long time. Today I began a new experience by doing something I never thought I would do. I threw out my mirror today! Actually, I put it in a donate box. It was just a small hand held mirror. I never use it.

Photo Credit: Mark-Olivier Jodoin
Photo Credit: Mark-Olivier Jodoin

I wonder what it means to be "Not in a Hurry". It's Sunday. For once I'm not in a hurry! Wow! Not in a hurry? I can't believe it! Guess What? It feels great! Today I took time for myself. How? It started last night with a Netflix program.

I've been wondering what it would be like to live like a Monk. I am so passionate about the Korean Monk Chef named Jeong Kwan. I watched her on "Chef's Table". Wow! That episode changed me within. I want to be just like her. So I'm gradually making changes in my life that allow me to follow a more peaceful and free life. Jeong Kwan kept saying in the episode how thankful she was to be a Monk and how that allowed her to live the life of freedom. I've decided I want to know what she means by that and what a life of freedom means?

Today I began to Explore and Experience part of the Monk Journey. I started what I think might be a freedom walk today. My version of it anyway. You don't have to be an actual Monk to live a life of freedom. She also said food is a pathway to a type of enlightenment. That sounded great to me and probably fun to try and start there. She's a gardener. I'm a gardener so this may work out well.

First wonder and exploration is, "What do Monk's in Korea eat?" Porridge for breakfast-Rice Porridge. Awesome! I like rice. It's easily affordable, has a long shelf life, and is part of the Monk's temple food. If a person follows the temple food plan they will be a healthier person and it will enhance spiritual awareness and well being. I'm sold on this idea. Today I began a change in my food routine by making a brown rice porridge. Here is my Amazon affiliate link if you would like to check out the book I'm using as a guide.

Jeong Kwan lives in a Monastery and temple. I won't be able to do that. I think I won't anyway. But that doesn't mean I can't tidy up my home and make it more sacred and peaceful for me, family, and guests. This is why I donated my hand mirror along with other items I no longer use. I'm cleaning my home up prayerfully, mindfully, and with a thankful heart. I started in the bathroom. It made me smile because I actually tossed all my anti-wrinkle cream because I learned to make lotion myself. No need for store bought lotion. I've learned how to make my own shampoo, hair conditioner, makeup, and hairspray. It has brought a lot of peace to have knowledge and ability to make my own self care products from natural ingredients you can find in the kitchen and garden. Brilliant! It is a feeling of freedom!

As I went about my day, I did it with appreciation. Just holding gratitude and thankfulness for the freedom I was feeling having a home to feel safe and enjoy, to feel peaceful and not in a hurry, gratitude for a vegetable garden, and learning a better more free to be me way to live. I choose to try and walk this path of gratitude, eat Rice Porridge, feel freedom, and feel more energy and wellness.

Today life feels good! Not just good but great even. I hope for more days of not being in a hurry, to take time to appreciate, and gain a deeper more spiritual relationship with my garden and food.


Bobbi Lynn Gibson

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