I'm Struggling

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

My name is Bobbi. I'm a person with Autism. I'm struggling greatly as a person approaching retirement age. I'm quickly needing to adapt my life to be more suitable for those on the Autism Spectrum. The fight to keep up with a non-Autistic world has not been good for my health and well-being. I'm on the journey of change right now. Those changes suitable for person's on the Autism Spectrum are often very suitable changes for anyone who might be struggling too. Follow me on my journey if you feel it will also help you through your struggles. I struggle with the verbal so my videos are with an alternative means of communication. I'm a soon to be retired educator who no longer can keep up with life. I'm transitioning into a way of living more suitable for me and my needs. A simple way of being, existing, and more easy to handle for someone who struggles with verbal communication, sensory sensitivity issues, and Autism issues in general.


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