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I Hate Shopping!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

My hate of shopping and dislike of a focus on money has triggered a question. How can I avoid going to the store and spending money? Pursuing answers to this curiosity creates many projects. Like learning how to make my own makeups, lotions, hair products, and cleaners from items from the garden and kitchen.




I ponder and research an item that I previously believed had no use. I discover how many things I've tossed out, that with a bit of thought and effort could reduce my trips to the store, spending of money, and reduce the accumulation of plastic containers that grocery store products come in.

My most recent discovery comes from asking a few questions:

  1. What to do with a used lemon wedge?

  2. What can be done with eggshells?

  3. Is it possible to make my own cleaning product?

As I researched these questions, I found so many eye opening answers that caused me to value used lemon peels, empty egg shells, and making products that can replace my traditional grocery store purchases. What once was considered trash has now gained value to me. That alone has made this venture worthwhile. It does take thought, time, and a bit extra effort. But I have found the money saved and less trips to the store make that little bit of extra effort worthwhile. For me the time and effort is far less than the time and effort I would spend at the store.


Used citrus wedges and peels are an excellent ingredient for a home made cleaning product. It's unbelievably simple. I keep a bag in the freezer. When I squeeze a lemon for anything, I freeze the peel. When I collect enough, I place them in a very large, empty pickle container. I fill the rest of the jar with white vinegar. I allow the jar to sit for a couple of weeks. When the cleaner is needed, I strain the lemons and vinegar, pour it into a spray bottle and add a 1/2 teaspoon of Dawn dish soap or homemade soap. I am using this cleaner on everything including mirrors. I am happy with it. It is not perfect. There is still a vinegar smell even though the lemons reduce that smell greatly. But having this knowledge and skill is very worth it to me. It saves me money, time, and works well. It is also a very good cleaner.


The eggshells I'm using as a cleaner also. I use it to scour tough to clean areas. The eggshells are working well and I'm pleased with the results. They work better than my pumice stone. There are many wonderful uses for eggshells. But this is my current use with them. The eggshells require some effort but still very worth it to me. I rinse an eggshell after I use it. I boil them to sort of sterilize them because that effort will allow them to be used as a calcium supplement and my chickens love them.

They also go well in the compost or garden. But out of curiosity and needing to clean the bathtub, I tried eggshells to scour away the soap scum and ring in my tub. I crush and grind the eggshells into a course powder when they are dried. I found they scour easily and very well if I spray the area with my home made cleaner. It takes very little effort to scour the dirt ring this way. I was quite pleased. I also use the eggshells to scour my stove top. It did a beautiful job. I'm very pleased. Now I can't get enough eggshells. I am careful with the eggshells and try to use it sparingly because now its value has greatly increased for me.


I'm pleased with the outcome of my homemade lemon and vinegar cleaner and eggshell use. I store them in repurposed glass containers. It feels good to have a choice between purchasing store products or using homemade. It feels good to take something considered trash like lemon peels and being able to create a useful product with it. It feels good that something considered absolute trash like used eggshells can create such a useful product with a little forethought and effort.

My questions and curiosities are unique to me. Maybe you are curious about the same things. I hope you find and make time and effort to explore your own questions and curiosities. It's okay to step outside of the box and explore your curiosities.

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Blessings on your own personal journey. Thank you for learning about mine.


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