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How Do You Heal Naturally?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

One of the best things I sat and wondered, explored, and experienced was Natural Healing Techniques. What a blessing. Maybe you are asking yourself the question of how do you heal naturally. I want to share a few of my own thoughts about natural healing, Reiki and Autism, and Reiki books and Resources in this article.

How Do You Heal Naturally?

Healing Naturally can mean anything from choosing a healthy lifestyle and nutrition to seeking alternative healing methods such as Reiki. Healing naturally is a lifestyle. There are many choices for natural healing. There are so many choices available that it is really about what fits and suits you best as a person. The basic idea is to ask the question, "Does the alternative help you as a whole person?" That means physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The methods I've found that personally help me in my self healing is Reiki, Barbara Brennan school of Healing and her books, The Emotion Code and Body Code, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Robert Peng's Qi-Gong, EFT, teachings of Eckhart Tolle, being in Nature, and of course prayer. These techniques or anyone of these techniques combine with medical care that is integrative and focused on your overall well being can be a huge part of a person whose in struggle, overwhelm, and disability to someone overcoming, functioning, and thriving in life.

Reiki and Autism:

I'm Autistic. My body doesn't regulate, process, function, and understand the world, environments, illness, emotion, and stimuli like non Autistic people. I was in my early 30s and had more prescriptions being prescribed to me that an 80 year old might. That's a wake up call. The prescriptions were not helping. Reiki came into my life after I prayed for help and guidance for my health. Reiki was introduced to me by a book I had accidently found and read. I studied Reiki, as well as Quantum healing and found it really made a difference for me. A huge difference in fact. I studied Reiki both online and with two separate Reiki Masters in person. I first did online study and went through distance Reiki attunements which did work. I certainly felt it. Then I went through in-person training and in-person attunements. I did the in-person training and attunements due to the argument people have that attunements must be done in person. So, I've gone through 5 different Reiki Programs now. 3 online and 2 in-person.

Reiki was the beginning of my personal Natural Healing Technique Journey and I've developed and gained far more tools since. I'm a Reiki master teacher and certified Body Code and Emotion Code practitioner. If a person wants to use Reiki for either themselves or a family member with Autism, I highly recommend it. It has worked well for me. You will need training and I recommend you go all the way through both level 1 and 2 at least. In level 2 you learn how to do Reiki by distance. This means you don't need to be in the same room as the individual you are doing the Reiki session for. If you are using Reiki to help support someone with Autism, this level 2 training will be a huge benefit if the Autistic individual can't handle touching, or a traditional energy healing session. It is my personal experience and belief that daily Reiki sessions can greatly support and Autistic person.

Reiki Books and Resources:

Here are some of my favorite Reiki Resources as well as other Natural Healing Technique Links to look at for more information.


Website: Pamela Miles: Reiki Medicine and Self Care

Book: Self Healing with Reiki

Book: Reiki for Life

Book: The Reiki Manual

Reiki Associations:

Stay in touch and I would love to hear if and how you use Reiki.

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