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Herbs I Love to Use

Updated: Jan 14, 2021


1. Lavender Tea :

2. Chickweed:

3. Chickweed Salad and Harvesting:

4. Red Raspberry Leaves:

NOTES on Raspberry Leaves:

  • The leaves are most potent before the raspberries plants focus their energy on fruiting. The flavor also turns bitter once the raspberry begin to bloom.

  • Red raspberry leaves have also been used as medicine for centuries for pregnancy and childbirth, astringent for skin irritations, gargle for sore throats, and for diarrhea. Raspberry leaf tea has no known side effects or drug interactions, but it can lower blood sugar and impede with the absorption of some vitamins

  • red raspberry leaf tea is a natural remedy for conditions involving the uterus, including menstrual support and menopause


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