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Create A Personal Healing Space, and Use It Everyday to Experience Personal Self Healing

It is your opportunity to say Yes to yourself and your healing journey.

Woman sitting in meditation position with a singing bowl in her hand.
Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

Creating a personal healing space can be simple. My first healing space was on the floor during my lunch break. It didn’t matter if I was at work or home, and I would lay on the floor and breathe for 5 to 10 minutes.

“Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace.”
 — Nikki Rowe

Create an entire healing room

After learning breathing techniques, I discovered Reiki and became a Reiki Master-Teacher. I decided it was time to create an entire healing room:

  • I had massage tables, Himalayan Salt Lamps, sage, meditation music, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and a beautiful little healing room.

It was a nice area to go to for quiet time and self Reiki treatments.

“We all need something that takes us out of day to day and reminds us that it’s all ok.”
 — Ian Tucker

Keep it simple

After some time, I realized it was easier to do my self-healing while lying in my bed. I stopped going into the healing room, and I went back to simple:

  • My bed is the most accessible place for personal self-care.

  • I do self Reiki before I rise to get ready for work.

  • A simple mat at the foot of my bed serves as a place for personal prayer and exercise.

  • I learned online tools for my healing practice with clients were easier than having people over to my home.

My need for a healing room ended up not necessary, and I turned the healing room into a food pantry. Each person is unique in their needs, and I’m sure many would love a healing and quiet room.

Woman with her hands in the prayer position.
Photo by ABDALLA M on Unsplash

It’s easy to go overboard when creating a healing room

I spent a lot of time and money making my personal healing space. I ended up enjoying and using a more simple space without the frills. I believe the best healing space is simple, clean, without clutter, and easy to use.

  • I have one drawer of my favorite crystals. I don’t intend to purchase more.

  • I keep only a few CDs with healing music or meditations. Those are mainly through the Monroe Institute.

  • I keep my crystal healing bowls in a closet to keep them safe and dust-free.

  • My favorite tools for self-healing require few tools and very little space. These are breathing techniques, Reiki, meditation, The Emotion Code, and The Body Code.

Healing spaces can be created in the oddest places

When I need to be alone, I sit in a chair in my backyard. It is peaceful with hummingbirds busy getting nectar.

I sit in the sun and soak up its healing rays.

Whenever possible, I find a spot in nature to sit and fully allow myself to be enveloped in its essence. I listen to the sounds and focus on the smells, fresh air, and the precious earth beneath my feet.

Sometimes my healing space is sitting in the grass and counting the ladybugs.

Create a unique healing space

Crafting, sensory fun, and friendly groups come to mind.

Another healing space for me is my craft area. Sometimes it is the creation and doing something new that provides healing for me.

My crafting also fills a sensory need for me. I love working with clay, paper mache, and crochet, which tend to support sensory needs. I notice it helps wipe away the stress and build-up from an overwhelming day or week.

I strive to learn new craft skills often. I challenge myself to explore creating things from recycled materials. Creating a project that solves a problem for me feels terrific.

A space for exploring creativity may be an excellent support for your self-healing. It is for me.

Rent a Healing Space

If you are a practitioner with clients, renting an office room with other practitioners might suit you. As a group, you can share the costs of the space.

Sharing costs is an excellent option if you all can go in on the costs of massage tables, furnishings, and decorations to create a beautiful healing space.

This excellent idea works if you choose to have group healing time or hands-on classes in energy healing techniques.


  • You want to create a space that you will use every day.

  • It should be simple, clean, uncluttered, and a place that promotes peace and healing.

  • It should suit your needs. Is this space only for you, or will you share the area?

  • Try not to go overboard. It doesn’t take much to create a small area for self-healing. Think about what tools you use for self-healing. Design your space to your needs. Minimalism is a good approach.

  • Think of designing with multi-purpose in mind. Can the space be a healing room one moment and a craft room the next?

  • I use small foldable tables which can become craft or writing tables. When needed, they can clean up quickly.

  • Create several small healing spaces: Indoors, outdoors, and a special place in nature.

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Thank you,

Bobbi Lynn Gibson

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