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Beach, Reiki, or House Chores

I’m tired, not feeling well, have two weeks off, perfect for a Reiki day.

A woman sitting on the beach.
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“Oh, God! A wellness visit!” Bobbi gasped as she read an email from the medical clinic. “Ugh!” She groaned as she leaned back. “The place I avoid the most.” She turned in her chair. “I’m going to ignore this for now.”

She shut off the computer. “Is it a beach, Reiki, or clean the house day?” She tapped the table as she decided. “Reiki today, beach tomorrow, then I will clean.” She smiled as she gazed out the kitchen window.

“This is going to be a relaxing Reiki day.” She is grateful for the years she spent studying to become a Reiki Master-Teacher. She practices Self Reiki treatments.

“Let me get this little bit of work done first.” She reaches for the dish soap. A Reiki day for Bobbi means three Reiki sessions a day. She’s had a lot of training in Natural Healing Techniques, so her Reiki sessions come with bonuses. She liked to combine a Barbara Brennan healing technique with Reiki.

“Finished the dishes.” She said. She folded the wash towel and placed it on the counter. “Let’s see. Do I want any extras?” She walked to her bedroom. Her choices were crystals, sound healing, Body Code, and combining other energy techniques. She sat on the bed.

“Body Code after Reiki.” She decided. She loved taking a long time doing Reiki. She took longer than most. If she went to a Reiki clinic, there would be several practitioners working on her. That made it faster.

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“Reiki is not as easy as taking a pill. It’s time-consuming but worth it.” She said. She rubbed her palms on her lap. Sometimes it’s hard to devote time to Reiki. She got comfortable on her bed and prepared.

“I think I will start at the feet this time.” That’s the Barbara Brennan way. Bobbi liked to start at the feet and work her way up the body at each point. Then proceed back down the body again. She starts and finishes at the feet.

It takes her about two hours, but it’s a pleasant self-healing time. If she is able, she repeats this three times a day for several days if possible. It helps. She continued to lay quietly.

“Tomorrow, the beach.” She started her self-treatment. She understood how healing the beach is with the sun, water, sand, and fresh air.

“It’s beautiful to rest on the beach.” She moved her hands to her knees. She can’t help but think of the times she did self Reiki while lying on the beach. That’s ultimate goodness. She kept moving her hands onto each point of her body.

“You know what else is healing? She breathes deeply. “A clean house. I love a clean house.” She said as she continued moving her hands.

“Amazing how good it feels when the house is clean.” She finishes with the treatment. “A messy and cluttered house makes me grumpy.” She sighs sadly. It’s hard to keep a clean house with a busy schedule.

A small pile of books under a small, wooden, stepping ladder.
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Focus On Prevention

Bobbi tapped her pile of health books. She focuses on prevention, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and natural healing techniques.

“I cling to the hope of wellness and health, but no one choice seems to be the cure-all that helps me function and conquer my goals.” She said with frustration. She got off her bed.

“I have two years left to retirement freedom. Bobbi is an Autistic school teacher. “But will I make it that long?” Her thoughts drifted to the 20 years of illness she had been through. She sat down in her chair next to her computer. Her health was like a roller coaster with far more down days than up. She turned on the computer.

“I think my Autism is the main reason for so much illness and struggle. I push myself far beyond my limits to succeed in life.” When an Autistic person takes on too much, it results in overwhelm and illness. She succeeds regardless of the obstacles, but it has cost her health and well-being. She searched her email once more.

“It has helped to modify my workplace and use tools to help me manage. It’s less stressful.” She clicked out of her email and searched Social Media. “I still struggle quite a bit. I call in sick a lot. It’s embarrassing. I feel worthless sometimes.”

Bobbi struggled mostly with Sensory sensitivity. The temperature, sounds, and space overwhelm her. She managed by wearing lighter clothes, sound dampening, and breathing techniques. She reached for her To-do list. She liked using a three-ring binder with lined paper. It’s easier.

“I’m sick of going to doctors. I wish I didn’t have to. I know preventative care is important, but I wish there were another way.” She looked over the list. Pay bills. She pulled up bill pay.

"If everything around you seems dark, look again. you may be the light." Rumi
A closeup of the eyes of a crying woman.
PHOTO CREDIT: Luis Galvez/Unsplash

“I keep saying summer, but when summer comes, I never get those preventive care checkups. I know why I do it.” She dropped her head.

“If they find something, they want tests and start prescribing medication. I can’t deal with it.” She frowned. A tear formed. She reflected on her cancer situation decades back. She hadn’t returned for a checkup.

The experience too unpleasant. She doesn’t want to go through any more checkups. The cancer treatments were a success. Health checkups catch things early. Bobbi pushed the Pay Online button for her utilities. She clicked on the next bill.

“Why have I had so many illnesses? Is that normal? Do all people have an illness as I do?” She recalled her first significant illness. It was Epstein-Barre.

She clicked Pay On-line to make the final payoff on a credit card. “Good Job Bob!” She cheered. She’s been trying to get out of debt. She clicked on the Pay water bill button. “Lots of people experience Epstein-Barre Virus. But seriously, I felt like I was a science experiment.

I ended up on more prescriptions trying to control symptoms than an 80 year.” She was angry. “I think the majority of my symptoms may have been a side effect from the medication. I was given medications to help with side effects of other medications.” She shook her head.

“It was doubling up on vitamins, three months bed rest, go off sugar completely, and very modified exercise that helped me overcome Epstein-Barre. Not the medications.” She frowned, turned off the computer, and reached for her drumsticks.

A close up of a pair of black and brown Promark drumsticks.
PHOTO CREDIT: Samuel Woods/Unsplash

“Time for a bit of practice.” She needed to practice for Jazz class. She walked over to her drum kit, pulled off the sheet she placed over it to keep dust away, and sat down on her throne. “Time for a little smooth music.”

She recently discovered she liked Jazz. She got her ride cymbal and high hat going with some easy music to practice by. Her muscles memorized the grooves. Her mind drifted to the time she was in a wheelchair.

“I’m still mad.” She stopped drumming and pushed the play button again. For some reason, the mp3 wouldn’t loop the song. “That was some flu shot!” She sighed.

“The goal was not to get sick, and instead, I had such a severe reaction to the shot, I ended up in the hospital, in a wheelchair for nearly a year, and not able to work for some time.” She pounded her stick into the drum. She gentled her strike for a softer sound.

“Do I really want to go through that again?” She frowned. The latest news she read was President Biden declaring his goal to have ALL teachers receive the Covid-19 Vaccine.

“I feel trapped!” She stopped playing for a moment. “It’s been a whole year of Covid-19. I haven’t become ill from it. I’ve been working on campus with the students in the classroom for the majority of the school year.” She started playing again.

“It’s been fine. I’ve taken precautions. I’ve followed the rules.” She dropped her stick. “I don’t want to be someone’s vaccine Guinea Pig.” She said, reaching down for her drumstick. “I don’t want to go through misery again.” Her mind drifted back to that flu shot. Her practice timer chimed. It’s time to walk on the treadmill.


A person holding a ballpoint pen writing on a notebook.
PHOTO CREDIT: Thought Catalog/Unsplash

Bobbi Has a Philosophy

Bobbi started cleaning up her practice area. “I know following a healthy lifestyle and nutrition plan makes a world of difference.” She put the sheet back on her drumkit.

“It’s my love for sugar and stress that gets in the way of good health.” She walked to her treadmill in the bedroom and switched shoes. When Bobbi was ill with the Epstein-Barre virus, she discovered natural healing techniques like Reiki.

She started slow on the treadmill. “Do I gamble through the next few years of my life choosing not to get vaccinated and rely solely on natural healing?” she questioned. She sped up the treadmill just a bit.

“All my natural healing training has taught me a combination of medical care, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and natural healing techniques are the best route for health.” She sped to a fast-paced walk. “I think I’ll wait on the vaccine until summer and research it more.”


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