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Anxiety Is Taking Over My Life!

Here's My Plan of Action.

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This year feels like a battleground. I’ve been through difficult times, but now my anxiety is out of control and taking over!

Why is my anxiety so extreme now? Could it be age, poor health, or past traumas? I’m Autistic; that alone is a reason for anxiety.

My current work combined with my Autism is another reason I’m experiencing severe anxiety. All of these things combined are contributors to disabling anxiety.

A barefoot woman sits on the cold ground of a building with knees buckled to her chest and head buried down on her knees.
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How can I manage and decrease anxiety?

  • Make nutrition, exercise, and hydration a daily priority.

  • Realize that as I age, I need to adapt and adjust my lifestyle.

I can plan my days with priorities in mind. I can analyze what must be done and what no longer needs to be in my life or what I might need to seek help with.

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” — Walter Anderson

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How can I simplify my life so it’s more tolerable?

  • I can switch careers. I can go from employee to freelance and self employed. It may take time to accomplish this goal but worth trying.

  • I can retire early. I can get out of debt, reduce my expenses, and retire at the earliest possible time. For me that will be age 55 (in two years).

What are the biggest anxiety triggers for me? I can plan ahead to minimize anxiety by realizing my possible triggers.

  • I can avoid social events or decrease my length of time at social events if I need to.

  • I can have a buddy present for support.

  • I can plan how to leave or strategically sit in crowds and social events to minimize anxiety.

  • I can be prepared and plan ahead at work so I don’t get overwhelmed.

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Love is the secret!

Love is the secret ingredient to making life better. With the business of life, often remembering to be kind, considerate, and friendly to others is difficult. To help myself remember or feel love, I think of a pet animal. It helps me.

  • See others compassionately. We all suffer!

  • Listen compassionately caring about the needs of others.

  • Anxiety is but a moment in time and will pass.

  • Thinking about others instead of our own discomfort helps minimize or personal struggles.

What helps reduce anxiety intensity?

  • Magnesium: I use 500 mg. It's known as nature's valium. It works well for me but only for a few hours. Be careful magnesium can give you diarrhea. Use a smaller dose if needed.

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Energy Healing Techniques

  • Mindfulness

  • Good nutrition, daily exercise, and hydration

  • Know and practice "The Secret". The secret meaning is "The Law of Attraction".

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