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The Reiki courses are for Patreon members at the $15 tier and above.  The $15 tier includes the Reiki courses (Reiki Levels 1-3).  It also includes two Emotion Code mini sessions per month and a monthly Group Reiki Distance session. Sign up to be a Patreon member here:


It doesn't include the Reiki Attunements. The Reiki attunement is a separate charge of $45 for each attunement. The calendar to sign up to receive a distance Reiki attunement is made available in the Patreon group. 

The passwords to open the Reiki Courses are given to Patreon members.  The passwords are subject to change frequently and will only be shared with Patreon members. 

REMINDER: The Reiki courses do not attune you to Reiki.  You must receive the attunements.

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