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Autism Strategies

Helpful strategies for Autistic Adults to help balance and manage life better.

This page will highlight my own struggles and solutions with Autism. I am on the Autistm Spectrum.  I'm an adult.  I'm in my 50s now.  I've had a career and family. It's been really tough. 


I want to share with you some of the things that supported me through my career, family, and things I do now as I enter into my last third of life. 

I didn't receive support for my Autism as a child.  Because I'm female, I believe I fall into the cracks of having more struggles as I age vs when I was young.  I struggled greatly throughout life. But as I get older the more aware I am of my struggle and why. 


This page will mostly have an outline form like chapters to a book. The outline links will direct you to blogs I have written. 

Blessings to all my fellow Autistics.  

Let's stick together and provide as much support for one another as possible. 

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