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Bobbi is a writer focusing on exploring curiosities and simple ways to thrive in life.


She has been a school teacher for 20 plus years. She is now focusing on her passion for writing, nature, music, wellness, and art.  

Bobbi is Autistic.  She graduated college with a BA degree in Liberal Studies and Music emphasis.  She became a teacher and taught for over 20 years.


She struggles greatly due to Autism and hyper Sensory Sensitive.  The need to change to a lifestyle more agreeable and less taxing on her body as an Autistic person is a priority.


She writes about her personal struggles living in the world as an Autistic person, how to thrive in life, and her passions. 

Bobbi questions and problem-solves the life struggles she faces to help her thrive in life rather than struggle through it.


She writes and blogs about these issues sharing how she manages to overcome challenges she faces as an Autistic person.


She writes about areas she explores, researches, and finds to be useful in helping everyone have a better experience in life. 



Bobbi busy thinking at her desk. Both of her hands are pulling her glasses downward.


Bobbi is highly focused on Music, writing, and travel.  She is a drummer, pianist, and plays several woodwind instruments.  

She loves gardening, nature, and using a garden in the most productive way.  She is environmentally conscious and loves the idea of "Waste Not/Want Not" . She strives to find ways to upcycle things. 

Bobbi is on the Autism Spectrum and struggles greatly with Anxiety, communication, Hyper Sensitivity, and many of the issues that someone with Autism experiences.  She explores and shares helpful tips for living life on the Autism Spectrum as a female over 50 years old who regardless of disability must earn an income and thrive best as she can just like everyone else. 

She is highly interested in wellness. She is a Reiki Master and Certified  Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner. 



Bobbi has always been and explorer, researcher, and loves to experience many things. She uses her blog to share her journey hoping that what she shares will also help others.

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