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Bobbi is a Writer.


She graduated college with a BA degree in Liberal Studies with a Music emphasis. 


Bobbi is also a retired school teacher who taught elementary school for 23  years in the same school district.

She has taught grades Kinder through 4th grade and ran an after-school music program.  She also taught Jr. High Music and High School piano for 1 year.


She is currently focused on her passion for writing, nature, music, wellness, and art.  



She focuses on simple ways to thrive in life.


Bobbi is on the Autism Spectrum. Due to her struggles with Autism, she found a need to change her life and step away from public teaching to a less stressful lifestyle. 


She also writes about her personal struggles living in the world as an Autistic person, how she thrives in life, and her passions such as Earthships. 

Bobbi questions and problem-solves the life struggles she faces. She shares those struggles in hopes that it might help someone else who may have similar struggles. 




Bobbi busy thinking at her desk. Both of her hands are pulling her glasses downward.
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