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     I'm Bobbi Lynn Gibson

If you are interested in natural healing techniques and living a peaceful and sustainable lifestyle, you have come to the right place. 

I believe in personal intuition as a powerful tool for self-help.

  • I am a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code practitioner. I offer Body Code Sessions by email.

  • I am also a Reiki Master. I offer easy-to-follow Reiki courses, however, the Reiki attunements will need to be by distance. 

  • In my blog, I write about several topics: Natural Healing Techniques, Gardening, Upcycling, Music & Art, and Autism Strategies for Adults on the Spectrum. 

  • My focus in life is to Wonder, Explore and Experience. 

I am a  retired educator and worked as an elementary teacher for 23 years. I am a writer.  My writing has been published in Illumination, Ascent, A Little Bit Better, and Illumination Book Chapters

  I am on the Autism Spectrum and write about my daily struggles and solutions

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